DVD – Avalanche Safety with Abby & Rich, 2011

You should be so lucky as to have these two as your mountain guides when you plan to go skiing, rock climbing, or hiking, in the mountains of Western Canada.

Abby Watkins and Rich Marshall are credited with saving the lives of some ten young people who were hit by a massive avalanche when they were venturing out on their own during avalanche season without proper preparation or guides.

Seven other members of the party were not so lucky, either killed from trauma caused by avalanche debris, or buried too deep to dig out in time. That more weren’t fatalities is due only to Abby and Rich’s experience, and the fact that even though they are experts, they keep their survival training with beacons, probes, and shovels, in tip top shape.

Ten people are grateful they did, and were nearby when the tragedy happened, and instantly swung into resue mode, to save lives.

In fact, as a result of this tragedy, Parks Canada revamped its entire warning system and rules for people entering the back country in avalanche season.

A one-hour DVD is now available, in which Abby and Rich, and numerous other top outdoor experts tell you how to avoid tragedy, while having fun, in avalanche country.

Save the Life of Someone You Love

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